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STEP ONE – Check Delivery Location

On our home page or any page where balloons are shown, look for the box that will allow you to enter the zip code for the location of your delivery.

1. Enter the Zip Code/Postal Code for the delivery location.*
2. Click the CHECK button.

In the event that our online ordering system does not deliver to your area, please contact us via email at or call us at 202-722-1112 to make arrangements for your special order.

*IMPORTANT! Our site will not permit you to place an online order to an unavailable zip code.


STEP TWO – Let The Shopping Begin!


Select a ready-made bouquet.

You will find ready-made bouquets in two places:

  1.  In the gallery of Featured Bouquets on the home page
  2.  Under the BOUQUETS tab at the top of any page


If you need large quantities of plain balloons, use the tab titled BULK HELIUM BALLOONS.

  1. Choose the type of balloons you would like in large quantity (i.e. Latex, Mylar, 16in, 18in, etc)
  2. Type in the desired colors for the balloons in the BALLOON COLORS field. (Please refer to the color chart)
  3. Create a custom greeting you would like to accompany your delivery in the CUSTOM MESSAGE field.
  4. Enter additional notes to your order in the ADDITIONAL NOTES field.
  5. After clicking on your choice, enter the number of balloons in the TOTAL field.
  6. Click ADD TO CART


If you need balloon decorating for a special event, use the tab titled BALLOON DECOR.


STEP THREE – Checkout 

Once you have added all the products you need to your cart, click the button titled CHECKOUT at the bottom of the page. Complete your order by providing details as requested during the checkout process.